Rave Reviews

“Diane rocks it out when it comes to instructional design! She totally knows her stuff.”
– Abbi Perets


“I’ve worked with many training vendors over the years from across the spectrum. I always turn to Diane when I need something creative, effective, delivered on time, and on budget! She catches on to the subject matter quickly and and always keeps her eye on the goal. She provides things you didn’t even know you needed!”
– Becky Abens, Genentech


“Excellent project management and deliverables. Love working with Diane and team over the past 15 years.”
– Lina Vieraitis, Impax Labs


“Diane and Applied Performance Solutions are the best and most professional learning and instructional design professionals.”
– Tom Norris, The Wonderful Company


“Great collaborator, brilliant instructional designer, effective training partner. Work with Diane every chance I get!”
– Mike Shur, Automation Anywhere


“I’ve worked with Diane off and on for nearly twenty years. She has provided excellent instructional design as well as training strategy input on every project we’ve completed together. Her experience in sales training design is particularly astute, though I’ve worked with her on everything from pharma compliance to corporate culture projects. Her instincts are well-honed based on her wide breadth of experience, and I’ve learned something from her every time we’ve worked together. An excellent strategic partner all around!”
– James Hass


“Having worked with Diane many times in the past, I found that APSI consistently delivered a thoughtful, well-researched, strategic approach to business learning and skills development. Diane always made certain to target client’s actual needs and business goals, while creating a people-friendly, engaging learning environment.”
– Frank Highly


“Diane was a joy to work with. She is very sharp and has a vast knowledge of the instructional design space. Diane knows how to get things DONE. Thanks for everything!”
– Marcus Dorstel, Augmedix


“Diane learned our business practically overnight and applied her already substantial experience in the sales process to designing one killer course for us. We were pretty old school in our approach to online learning, and she shifted our paradigm and gave us a course that reflects the latest learning concepts. We hope to work with her again!”
– Kent Kozimor, Levitin Learning


“A meticulous researcher, writer, and project leader, Diane delivers what clients look for and more. I worked with Diane on ebook coaching guides for leaders. Her keen eye for detail, sound research and writing, and quality assurance was impressive. More importantly, no one takes shortcuts on a project with Diane — all is professional, ethical, and geared to deliver the best product possible as promised.”
– Stephen Schultz


“We hired Diane to help us revamp our existing scribe training curriculum and are delighted with the results! We were able to more than double our training pass rate and reduce our average timeline by 2 months. And, the first trainee from our pilot was recently approved to work live and independently with a doctor! He went live three days ahead of schedule. Thanks Diane – we couldn’t have done it without you!”
– Erin Serran, Augmedix


“The training Diane designed helped us reduce our new employee training period by 78%.”
– Dennis Huang, Chiron Corporation


“The Merchandising Reports class Diane designed really helped our new employees get up to speed quickly. New employees were able to contribute more in meetings as a result of their increased ability to interpret data and identify business trends.”
– Denise Rydman, Williams-Sonoma


“I am comfortable talking in shorthand, connecting them up with the subject matter experts, laying out the parameters of the project as best I know it. I know that the project will be well managed within budget constraints, that relationships between people will be maintained, and confidence in the project will be high. What I mean by confidence is that there will be confidence in the end user and confidence back through the organization in the client group.”
– Gay Niven, Starbucks International Coffee


“Diane can handle just about anything you would want to do. You will get what you want and it will be quality.”
– Lori Serrano, Stevens Healthcare


“A number of years ago our organization had developed values but needed a custom and company specific training program to assist our leaders in making these values come to life. I was fortunate to find Diane and when I explained our project she not only understood what we needed, but why we should develop the program we had envisioned. She enthusiastically shared our vision, and was excited about being part of the project and help us realize the kind of culture change we needed. Her reaction to our vision and her excitement were very affirming and reinforced our resolve to create a great training experience. Diane and her team brought the needed skills, experiences and expertise to make this the kind of program that we could be proud of and that would raise the bar for all of our employees. Diane was a skillful guide to our internal team as well as those on her team in developing a quality program that was completed on time and under budget. I will definitely call upon Diane again for future projects.”
– Roger Glenn, Gordman’s


“When I feel a little lost, Diane is one of the first people that I go to. She has an amazing ability to take complex problems and boil it down to something clear and concise. An example is when I brought her in to look at our onboarding program. Diane helped me wade through massive amounts of information…think, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, and a whole wall of Post It notes…to create a well organized, comprehensive sales onboarding plan. I have recommended her via word of mouth to many leaders who are looking for either a new program or need to revisit their existing one. By the way, if you are not reading her blog, you are missing out. I consider it a must read for my entire team.”
– Misha McPherson, Mixpanel


“I collaborated with Diane on an entrepreneurial venture designing and developing a retreat for C-level executives. This experience provided me the opportunity to witness firsthand Diane’s remarkable instructional design experience and creative intelligence in action. In addition to her ability to create high-impact, experiential content, I appreciated how she developed the coursework to achieve measured results.”
– Andrew Johnston


“Diane has expertise in working with her clients to help them define their performance goals and then create a learning solution that best meets the company’s needs. She manages a team of skilled experts in the learning and development field that provide sophisticated training resources. I highly recommend Diane for her skill and professionalism.”
– Kathryn Santana Goldman, Genentech


“Diane is a gem, truly understands clients needs and always delivers amazing work. I’ve hired Diane for several projects and really appreciate her transparency in how projects are planned, tracked and delivered. She provides great quality and you always know exactly what you will get, when you will get it and never any surprises on cost. I’d hire her again in a heartbeat!”
– Matthew Spence, Gap Inc.


“Diane and her dedicated team of experts were able to deliver on an extremely tight deadline to a very high standard and within budget. The quality and elegant simplicity of the eBooks has been very well received and the instructional design elements we incorporated into the workshops created an engaging and collaborative learning environment. We highly recommend Diane and her team and will be using them again. Thank you Diane and team!”
– Sean Magennis, YPO-WPO


“We were looking for a creative, cost effective solution to strengthen financial acumen among entry-level merchants and designers. Diane partnered with us to develop an innovative case study based on a real business scenario. As a result of this training, more than 85% of participants had a clearer understanding of their role in driving profitability for the company and 100% had a better understanding of the key factors involved in bringing a product to market. We are really pleased with the results of this partnership and would welcome the opportunity to work with Diane and her team in the future.”
– Marnie Ewing, Levi Strauss & Co.


“I’ve worked with Diane Valenti from both sides now. While at Genensys Telecommunications, Diane and her team helped me map out online training for contact center supervisors, an audience we did not support at the time. We then sold the concept to a customer and raced to construct it before implementation of the software. The project came in on time and on budget. It was big win for Genesys training. When I decided to leave the software industry, I joined Diane’s merry band of sub-contractors. On both sides of the table, I have found Diane to be a straight-shooter and a strong partner. I would not hesitate to work with her again or to recommend her company to you”
– Cathryn Olson


“Instructional Design Ninja – Excellent Work!”
– Jim Glantz, The Academy for Leadership & Training


“Diane is fantastic to work with!”
– Rory O’Shea


“Seriously top-notch Instructional Design pro!”
– Jason Chandler


“Love the products coming out of Diane’s shop.”
– Fran Schadler