Too often sales onboarding content is developed by random committee shooting from the hip on what reps need to know.

Onboarding is done by PowerPoint.

Reps are ramped on a wing and a prayer.

The result is that sales new hires are thrown into a hope-they-work-out scenario that’s 50:50 at best.

Effective Sales Onboarding = Predictable Ramping

You can’t rely on hope when it comes to sales onboarding.

There’s too much at stake.

Ineffective sales onboarding can result in increased turnover, interrupted co-workers, lost deals, and unpredictable revenue due to random ramping.

Effective sales onboarding allows you to ramp reps predictably.

Designing effective sales onboarding involves an analytical and systematic approach, based on the science of learning.

Not hope.

Train People So They Retain & Apply More of What They Learned…
(According to Science)

These are just a few science-based learning strategies that work especially well for sales onboarding

Takes an inside-out perspective to help reps avoid the data-dump selling approach that kills prospects’ interest and intent.

Addresses how to figure out where the prospect is in their buyer’s journey so that reps know what to do to advance the sale.

Uses spiral learning so that reps layer on knowledge and skill instead of experiencing deer-in-the-headlights overwhelm.

Instructor-led sales enablement course
Interactive PDF Workbook

Teaches mind-reader shortcuts so reps know what to listen for to reveal potential objections.

Includes selling resources to help reps apply what they learned during onboarding.

Plans what support is needed before and after onboarding to help ensure reps ramp predictably.

Client Results

  • Near perfect product knowledge scores
  • Conversion up by nearly 9% and churn down by more than half

Get Started

Ready to use science-based learning strategies to level up the effectiveness of your sales onboarding program?

Get Started

Ready to use science-based learning strategies to level up the effectiveness of your sales onboarding program?

Misha McPherson, Mix Panel

“When I feel a little lost, Diane is one of the first people that I go to.

She has an amazing ability to take a complex problem and boil it down to something clear and concise.

An example is when I brought her in to look at our onboarding program.

Diane helped me wade through massive amounts of information… think spreadsheets, PowerPoint, and a whole wall of Post It notes… to create a well-organized, comprehensive sales onboarding plan.

I have recommended her via word of mouth to many leaders, who are looking for either a new program or need to revisit their existing one.”

Kent Kozimor, Levitin Learning

“Diane learned our business practically overnight and applied her already substantial experience in the sales process to designing one killer course for us.

We were pretty old school in our approach to online learning, and she shifted our paradigm and gave us a course that reflects the latest learning concepts.

We hope to work with her again!”

I’ve helped some of the world’s top companies with sales enablement