Instructional Design Ninja Differences

I am not your typical instructional designer. I don’t spend my time formatting slides in PowerPoint and programming in Storyline to crank out pretty e-learning courses. (I work with a team that does that part.) Rather, I help you design training that supports the successful achievement of mission-critical initiatives.

Here are just a few ways that I am different than your average instructional design consultant.

1) I know how to get results you can take to the bank.

Here are some of the results that my clients have experienced:

  • More than doubled the training pass rate while reducing average training time by 2 months
  • 78% reduction in onboarding ramp time
  • Near perfect product knowledge scores
  • Conversion up by nearly 9% and churn down by more than half
  • More than 85% of participants had a clearer understanding of their role in driving profitability for the company and 100% had a better understanding of the key factors involved in bringing a product to market

2) I have a deep knowledge of instructional design, performance consulting, and learning strategy that is based on research, not the latest fads.

This means I know how to employ innovative techniques, like spiral learning, to help learners build mastery. I also know how to figure out what is going on when training doesn’t get desired results, and better yet, how to fix it.

3) I share what I know so you know, too.

I help you understand why I am doing what I am doing so you come away from our work together knowing more and being able to do more.