Too many subject matter experts and instructional designers rely on their experience in school to design training.

That’s a problem.

Because school builds knowledge, but it doesn’t build skill.

At work, knowledge isn’t enough.

Employees have to actually be able to do something (their jobs) with any knowledge they build.

And that requires skill.

It’s About Building Skill

When employees can’t skillfully use the knowledge they build, training has missed the mark.

Ineffective training results in interrupted co-workers, lost productivity, mistakes, unsatisfied customers, missed opportunities, and even employee turnover.

Effective training ensures people know what to do, how to do it, and why they need to do it that way.

Designing effective training involves an analytical and systematic approach, based on the science of learning. Not guessing.

Job specific e-learning course to help sales people in the construction industry

Train People So They Retain & Apply More of What They Learned…
(According to Science)

These are just a few science-based learning strategies that work especially well for job specific training

Teaches not just what, but why, and how. Knowing what to do isn’t the same as knowing how to do it. And, knowing why gives learners a reason to remember what they learned.

Weaves in relevant stories, analogies, and specific examples, rather than just presenting information, to make training stick.

Breaks down the subject matter expert’s expertise into the nitty-gritty detail beginners need.

Provides worked examples so learners know what “right” looks like.

Job specific e-learning course to help medical science liaisons
Job specific classroom training to help marketers

Challenges instead of spoon-feeding learners to facilitate deeper thinking.

Replaces “clicky-clicky bling-bling” activities with skill-building practice that mirrors real work as closely as possible.

Provides opportunities for timely feedback to help learners course correct fast.

Plans what support is needed before and after training to help learners apply what they learn back on the job.

Client Results

  • Course pass rate soar from 25% to 80% while reducing the training time from 20 weeks to 6. These results proved essential in securing the next round of funding.
  • More than 85% of participants had a clearer understanding of their role in driving profitability for the company and 100% had a better understanding of the key factors involved in bringing a product to market
  • 78% reduction in onboarding ramp time of lab workers

Get Started

Ready to use science-based learning strategies to super charge the effectiveness of your job specific training?

Get Started

Ready to use science-based learning strategies to super charge the effectiveness of your job specific training?

Suzy Turcios, Martinez USD

“I worked closely with Diane to have my curriculum migrated to a specific platform for distance learners.

She is very professional, articulate, and just delightful!

Diane is very thorough and knowledgeable and made the process very easy.”

Denise Rydman, Williams Sonoma

“The Merchandising Reports class Diane designed really helped our new employees get up to speed quickly.

New employees were able to contribute more in meetings as a result of their increased ability to interpret data and identify business trends.”

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