“Diane is a gem, truly understands clients’ needs and always delivers amazing work.

She provides great quality and you always know exactly what you will get, when you will get it and never any surprises on cost.

I’d hire her again in a heartbeat!”

Designing Effective Training Isn’t Art, It’s Science

Effective training doesn’t just look good.

Though, it often does.

And, it isn’t edutainment.

Although, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

While your subject matter experts may believe it’s what they think learners should know, that’s not quite right, either.

Designing effective training, the way I do it, involves an analytical, systematic, and scientific approach that closes the gap between what learners can do and what they need to do.

Designing effective employee training isn't art, it's science


“We were looking for a creative, cost effective solution to strengthen financial acumen among entry-level merchants and designers. Diane partnered with us to develop an innovative case study based on a real business scenario.

As a result of this training, more than 85% of participants had a clearer understanding of their role in driving profitability for the company and 100% had a better understanding of the key factors involved in bringing a product to market.

We are really pleased with the results of this partnership and would welcome the opportunity to work with Diane and her team in the future.”

Train People So They Retain & Apply More of What They Learned…
(according to science)

These are just a few science-based learning strategies you may see in your course design.


When you answer a question or solve a problem before you’re taught how, retention improves. This is true even if you get it wrong.

Healthcare compliance e-learning course
Workbook for instructor-led employee training

Reflection & Elaboration

When you explain what you learned in your own words, retention improves. It’s a variation on the theme that teaching others helps you learn, too.

Varied Practice

When you solve the same problem or perform the same task in a variety of contexts, you improve your ability to apply what you learned in one situation to another.

E-learning course for employee training
E-learning course for foreign trade compliance training

Desirable Difficulty

For knowledge checks to be valuable, they can’t be too easy. Just like Goldilocks, there is a just right. Hard enough to feel challenging. But not so hard that you get discouraged.

Structure Building

Some people easily connect the dots to create mental frameworks that help them understand how something works. Others don’t. Effective training helps everyone connect the dots.

Instructor-led course on stress management for leaders & managers


You learn from:

  • Reflecting on your experiences
  • Hearing stories about the experiences of others
  • Solving problems
  • Performing tasks
  • Making decisions

You don’t learn by simply being exposed to information.


“We hired Diane to help us revamp our existing scribe training curriculum and are delighted with the results!

We were able to more than double our training pass rate and reduce our average timeline by 2 months.

And, the first trainee from our pilot was recently approved to work live and independently with a doctor! He went live three days ahead of schedule.

Thanks Diane – we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Training Solutions

Compliance Training

Compliance e-learning course

Job Specific Training

Job specific e-learning course to upskill employees

Sales Onboarding

Instructor-led sales enablement course

Software Training

Instructor-led software training for end users

I’ve helped 50+ organizations, from Fortune 500s to successful startups, with training.

And, I’ll help you, too.

What you get

✓ E-learning (Storyline, Captivate, Rise, etc.)
✓ Classroom training
✓ Zoom, MS Team, or WebEx remote training
✓ Interactive, fillable PDFs
✓ Micro-learning
✓ Cheat sheets and checklists
✓ Videos

Remote online learning

As Seen In…


Get specific, actionable feedback on how to use science-based learning strategies to create training that gets results.

Detailed documentation describing specific recommended revisions to your training

60-minute call with me to walk you through recommendations and answer your questions

Checklist of science-based learning strategies to use in your course design

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