E-learning Development

E-learning can be a powerful tool to support crititcal initiatives because it provides just-in-time training when employees or customers need it most. Unfortunately, most e-learning courses engage learners’ fingers, not their brains. And, many learners participate in click races to the finish.

As an e-learning designer, I take a different approach. I use engrossing teaching scenarios that challenge learners to think, rather than just click, and knowledge checks that ask them to apply, rather than regurgitate.

In addition, eye-catching animations capture and keep their attention, while reinforcing key points through dual-channel processing; taking in information through two channels (their eyes and their ears).

One client was pleasantly surprised by the 5-star reviews learners gave a series of compliance training modules. Compliance modules are typically the most dreaded training assigned.

I work with clients throughout the entire San Francisco Bay area including Oakland, San Jose, Silicon Valley, Marin, and Sacramento.