Delivery Method Matters

Like an artist choosing a color palette, the delivery method you choose for your training matters.

Some delivery methods are better for imparting knowledge.

Others for building skill.

And, still others for inspiring personal reflection and behavior change.

Blending training delivery methods, however, often proves to be more effective than just choosing one.

Take Your Pick


E-learning doesn’t have to look and feel like a PowerPoint deck with an audio track.

Dropping learners into real life challenges is one way to engage their minds, not just their fingers.

And, custom animations and illustrations make critical concepts come to life.

Classroom Training

Classroom Training

Still the gold standard, classroom training can be the most effective delivery method for building skills.

Think working lab instead of rows of students.

Classroom training gives learners a chance to learn hands-on and get immediate feedback on their work.

Remote Training

Done right, remote training gives learners the chance to learn from each other, not just the facilitator.

The key is to build in frequent interactivity and thought-provoking discussion so you don’t lose learners to distractions.

Remote Training
Interactive PDF Workbook

Interactive, Fillable  Workbooks

Interactive, fillable workbooks can be used to enhance either classroom or remote training.

They can also stand on their own as a self-paced learning resource.


Video is perhaps the most versatile training delivery method.

It can provoke emotion, share insights, and demonstrate tasks.

And, video can be used to enhance all training delivery methods from the simplest micro-learning to multi-day team meetings.

Training Video

Checklists & Cheat Sheets

Sometimes learners just need the step-by-step “recipe” for how to do a task.

Anything more is overkill.

This is where checklists and cheat sheets come in handy.

Paula Grace, Autodesk

“Very satisfied with the wonderful work that Diane and her team did.

We had a large instructional design project which was a pleasure to work on thanks to Diane’s responsiveness and quick turnarounds.

The finished product exceeded my expectations in look and feel.

So glad we went with Instructional Design Ninja!”