Maybe you believe that creating a robust compliance program means making sure that training reads and feels like a contract.

Legal risks are a real and pressing threat. And, if training is a core pillar of your legal defense, the contract approach makes sense.

When training becomes legal evidence, though, that works great for lawyers.

But not for learners.

Foreign trade compliance training - e-learning

Compliance Training Can Work for Learners & Lawyers

You don’t have to choose.

You can use science-based learning strategies to make compliance training more memorable and effective.

That’s great for learners.

And,  you can use the same strategies to show that you’ve gone above and beyond check-the-box training to deliver a course that is instructionally sound.

That’s great for lawyers.

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Train People So They Retain & Apply More of What They Learned…
(According to Science)

These are just a few science-based learning strategies that work especially well for compliance training

Day-in-the-Life Scenarios

Too often learners can’t imagine how policies apply to their day-to-day work.

Day-in-the-life scenarios drop learners into realistic situations that involve actual compliance challenges.

So that they can see how policies fit into their world and impact their work.

Healthcare compliance training for sales reps
Healthcare compliance training for all employees

Picture Superiority Effect

Custom illustrations and animations tightly linked to the meaning of the content help make the driest of topics more memorable and help capture learners’ attention since the brain loves novelty.

Novelty is what makes scrolling through social media news feeds so addictive.

Why, Not Just What

People are terrible at memorizing rules and regulations.

Plus, there’s always that one employee who violates policy in a way no one could ever have imagined.

Compliance training needs to teach the thinking behind the policy.

This rationale helps learners construct mental models to guide their decisions.

Healthcare compliance training for all employees
Healthcare compliance training for all employees

Links to Relevant Sections, Not the Whole Policy

Policies can be long and are often filled with legalese.

No matter how motivated, almost no one will parse through a policy to find the section that contains guidance on how to handle a specific situation.

This is why it’s important to link to the specific section relevant to each day in the life scenario.

Get Started

Ready to use science-based learning strategies to create engaging and impactful compliance training?

Get Started

Ready to use science-based learning strategies to create engaging and impactful compliance training?

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