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Competency Design

If you are not recruiting people with the right competencies, you’ll end up with the wrong people in the wrong role. Training, in an attempt to correct this problem, will only get you so far and it won’t be nearly far enough to achieve desired results.

Most organizations focus on high-level competencies that don’t help you know what to recruit for at the individual job level. It seems too costly and time consuming to map out competencies for each job or job family.

I can help you to accelerate the process to identify job-specific competencies at an investment level you can afford. I have worked with industries as wide-ranging as payroll and benefits, law, retail, medical scribing, insurance, and affordable housing. They have been able to use the results to establish recruiting criteria that makes sense for individual jobs.

I work with clients throughout the entire San Francisco Bay area including Oakland, San Jose, Silicon Valley, Marin, and Sacramento.