Why Content Isn’t Training

I love ballet. So much so that I take ballet class three to four times a week. Because I live in San Francisco, the school I attend is able to attract top-tier teachers. This means that I often find myself dancing side-by-side with principal ballerinas from San Francisco Ballet. This is a little like finding yourself singing with Lady Gaga or acting alongside Meryl Streep.

Here’s the thing that I’ve … Read More

3 Dangers of Designing Activities First

caution-642510_640A prospective client was shocked when I told him during a recent meeting that we develop content before designing activities. I guess designing activities first and then developing content based on those activities is the approach many people are taking now. Not me. In fact, there are three very specific reasons that I believe designing activities first is dangerous.

1) The purpose of training is to improve job performance. At … Read More