4 Painless Ways to Incorporate iPads in Training

PoppletIf you believe the hype you read on the Internet and in professional journals, most organizations have successfully embedded technology into their training offerings. Employees making their way through branching scenarios in 3-D virtual worlds, participating in MOOCs, and clicking open custom apps to quickly access information is completely commonplace, right? Maybe not so much.

Of course, early adopters exist. But, in my experience, the vast majority of my clients … Read More

6 Quick & Dirty Ways to Create Sales Training (Especially for Start Ups)

entrepreneur-723044_640This summer I worked with a start up to create a sales onboarding plan. The problem we faced once we had the plan was that the start up didn’t have the resources needed to actually create the training called for.

This is pretty common in a start-up environment. They don’t have the time to create robust sales training and they don’t have the money to contract it out. Also, with … Read More

Stop Writing Sales Playbooks! (Here’s Why)

office-620817_640Recently I have been reviewing various examples of sales playbooks. My initial reaction: Holy cow! Why? It seems like an awful lot of memorizing is required on the part of the sales reps.

Let me back up. Just in case you are not familiar with this increasingly popular sales tool, a sales playbook spells out what to do (the plays) in various situations. The plays can be organized by phases … Read More

Is Instructional Design Taking Too Long? (My 5 Secrets for Speeding It Up)

speedThe ADDIE versus SAM debate has been swirling around for several years now in an effort to speed up the instructional design process. I’ve heard people say that ADDIE is too slow, while others claim that SAM is too complicated.

If instructional design is taking too long, I can assure you that it’s not ADDIE’s fault and it’s not SAM’s, either. We turn around training projects in record-breaking time and … Read More

Not Hitting Sales Quotas? 6 Steps to Figure Out What Is Going On

lab-217043_640I recently spoke with a client about an issue his sales team was having with C-suite meetings. Apparently, the sales reps were leaving the meetings without advancing the sale. Another client told me outbound sales were lagging. And a third client shared that conversions were down.

What do all of these situations have in common? We honestly don’t know why these things are happening. As a result, we don’t know … Read More

Is Your Sales Training a Waste of Time and Money?

dollar-499481_640You’ve doubled down on a highly acclaimed sales training program.

Every time you offer the course, the room is on fire with enthusiasm, and sales reps that attend can’t stop gushing about what an amazing learning experience it was.

And, yet…you can’t help being a tad disappointed with the lack of traction you are getting from such a powerful and popular program.

Sure, you see some reps applying a few … Read More

How to Explain the ID Process to Your SMEs

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The Only 2 Reasons You Need to Offer Training

businessman-607831_640It’s hard to believe. But, there are only two reasons you need to offer training.

1.  Employees need to deal with something new.

Examples of something new can include laws, products, responsibilities, markets, and systems.

The something new can also be a role. In this case, employees need to prepare for a new role.

Finally, something new can come in the form of hiring a lot of new employees into … Read More

How to Tell If Consulting Fees Are Fair

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Does Your Training Vendor Have Your Best Interest at Heart?

love-735567_640The saga of my kitchen remodel continues. After my brother installed the cabinets, the IKEA subcontractors came out to install the granite countertops I had chosen.

Let me say, I love the new counter tops! They are a big improvement over the cheesy tile counters I had before. What I don’t love is where the installation crew positioned the sink.

I’ve since learned that when you say to some people, … Read More