How to Select Subject Matter Experts

social-200284_640Subject matter experts (SMEs) are indispensable to the development of training. They have the knowledge, often mostly in their heads, that is the meat and potatoes of any course.

As an instructional designer, your job is to document what they know in such a way that others can learn it.

But, how do you know to whom to turn?

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5 Rules to Pace a Class for Maximum Engagement

stop-watch-396862_640Have you ever attended a workshop during which you were constantly checking the time to see how much longer you had until the next break? Or did you have to resort to loading up on sugar and caffeine to stay awake?

If so, more than likely the way the course was paced was the culprit.

Pacing is more than how quickly the instructor moves through the material. It is also … Read More

1 Question Every Training Course Should Answer

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How Schedule Can Derail Training Results

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Go Slow to Go Fast

animal-2597_640I wish I could remember where and when I first heard the expression, “You need to go slow to go fast.” It might not be the conventional business wisdom these days, but I have to say I’ve never seen going “fast” actually work – at least not in training.

Recently a friend of mine called to catch up. We’re both in the instructional design business. So naturally we ended up … Read More