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4 Painless Ways to Incorporate iPads in Training

PoppletIf you believe the hype you read on the Internet and in professional journals, most organizations have successfully embedded technology into their training offerings. Employees making their way through branching scenarios in 3-D virtual worlds, participating in MOOCs, and clicking open custom apps to quickly access information is completely commonplace, right? Maybe not so much.

Of course, early adopters exist. But, in my experience, the vast majority of my clients … Read More

Is Your Sales Training a Waste of Time and Money?

dollar-499481_640You’ve doubled down on a highly acclaimed sales training program.

Every time you offer the course, the room is on fire with enthusiasm, and sales reps that attend can’t stop gushing about what an amazing learning experience it was.

And, yet…you can’t help being a tad disappointed with the lack of traction you are getting from such a powerful and popular program.

Sure, you see some reps applying a few … Read More

5 Rules to Pace a Class for Maximum Engagement

stop-watch-396862_640Have you ever attended a workshop during which you were constantly checking the time to see how much longer you had until the next break? Or did you have to resort to loading up on sugar and caffeine to stay awake?

If so, more than likely the way the course was paced was the culprit.

Pacing is more than how quickly the instructor moves through the material. It is also … Read More