I’m Diane Valenti

My trademark is designing training based on the science of learning, not on a vague memory of school.

Which means that your learners get training that helps them not only build knowledge, but build skill so that they can improve how they do what they do.

I’m also an…

  • ✓ Author of a book on training strategy
  • ✓ Writer of 7 magazine articles, 43 ATD blog posts, and 2 Infolines
  • ✓ Earner of a Master’s degree in Education & Human Development
  • ✓ Lifelong learner
  • ✓ Avid international adventure traveler

You’ll love working with me because…

I get it DONE.

No “dog-ate-my-homework” emails that make your face flush and your stomach churn.


I stick to the budget.

Unless you make changes to the project scope, the cost is fixed. So, there are never any surprises.


I use science.

This is not about indulging my creative spirit. I follow proven science to get you results.

Stop wasting time and money on people who don’t get it.

If you follow my process and rely on my expertise, I will transform your book-learning, knowledge-building courses
into skill-building, learner-centric training that makes a real difference.

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