You know that training-done-right has incredible power

Power to support change

Power to help achieve business results

Power to get you noticed for the right reasons

Does your current training build
book smarts or work smarts?

Most training is designed based on how people learn in school.

But school is the wrong model for training.

School focuses on building knowledge… or book smarts.

Book smarts help people succeed scholastically, but not necessarily in the real world.

At work, employees need to build work smarts.

In other words, they need to do something with the knowledge they build.

When they can’t, there’s a gap. It’s called the knowing-doing gap.

It’s training’s job to close that gap.

Designing training that closes that gap requires a whole different skill set than many instructional designers and subject matter experts have.

Who Am I?

I’m passionate about creating learning experiences that make a real difference

I’m an…

  • ✓ Author of a book on training strategy
  • ✓ Writer of 7 magazine articles, 43 ATD blog posts, and 2 Infolines
  • ✓ Earner of a Master’s degree in Education & Human Development
  • ✓ Lifelong learner
  • ✓ Avid international adventure traveler

My trademark is designing training based on the science of learning, not on a vague memory of school.

Which means that your learners get training that helps them not only build knowledge, but build skill so that they can improve how they do what they do.


“We hired Diane to help us revamp our existing scribe training curriculum and are delighted with the results!

We were able to more than double our training pass rate and reduce our average timeline by 2 months.

And, the first trainee from our pilot was recently approved to work live and independently with a doctor! He went live three days ahead of schedule.

Thanks Diane – we couldn’t have done it without you!”


Research & Analyze

Research and analysis define your goals and what you need to do to hit them.

  • Define success
  • Determine if training alone is the right solution
  • Strategize approach

Write & Organize Content

Content builds knowledge.

  • Review existing materials
  • Interview subject matter experts
  • Write and organize content

Design Learning Activities

Learning activities build skill.

  • Design activities
  • Write case studies and scenarios
  • Develop assessments

Create Training Materials

Training materials are what you get at the end of the project.

  • Program e-learning courses
  • Format slides and PDFs
  • Shoot and edit videos

Check Results

Check results against goals to see if training was successful.

  • Test learning
  • Check application
  • Assess business results, if applicable

You’ll love working with me because…

I get it DONE.

No “dog-ate-my-homework” emails that make your face flush and your stomach churn.


I stick to the budget.

Unless you make changes to the project scope, the cost is fixed. So, there are never any surprises.


I use science.

This is not about indulging my creative spirit. I follow proven science to get you results.


Stop wasting time and money on people who don’t get it.

If you follow my process and rely on my expertise, I will transform your book-learning, knowledge-building courses
into skill-building, learner-centric training that makes a real difference.