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  1. Thank You!

    Thank you for reaching out. I will be in touch ASAP!

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  2. E-learning

    E-learning Development

    Partner with an e-learning consultant who has worked with top Fortune 500 companies to design and develop custom e-learning solutions that engage learners’ brains, not just their fingers.

    Benefit from Diane’s years of experience as an e-learning designer. Through engrossing teaching scenarios, she challenges learners to think, rather than just regurgitate. In addition, eye-catching animations capture and keep their attention, while driving home key points.

    One client was

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  3. Three Instructional Design Ninja Differences

     Instructional Design Ninja Differences

    I am not your typical instructional designer. I don’t spend my time formatting slides in PowerPoint and programming e-learning in Storyline to crank out pretty courses. (I work with a team that does that part.) Rather, I help you design training that sticks.

    Here are four ways that I am different than your average instructional design consultant.

    1) I know how to get results you can

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  4. Foreign Trade Zone E-learning

    We designed and developed this animated e-learning course to teach our client’s employees how to remain in compliance with US Customs foreign trade zone regulations. Click here to see a short sample of this course.… Read More

  5. Conflicts of Interest E-learning

    How do you make compliance training enjoyable? Animate it! Learners scored this short course a 4.8 out of 5. Click here to see a short sample of this course.… Read More

  6. Compliance Manual E-learning

    We designed this fun, animated e-learning to introduce our client’s employees to the new compliance manuals being rolled out. Click here to see a short sample of this course.… Read More

  7. Train the Trainer

    Train the Trainer

    Need to prepare your team to teach a new instructor-led course? Let Diane design a custom train-the-trainer workshop just for your organization. Your team will learn how to deliver training that engages learners and how to handle those pesky classroom management issues (aka disruptive participants).

    Diane will even co-facilitate with them the first time they teach to provide that extra boost of confidence.

    Diane works with clients

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  8. Needs Assessment

    Needs Assessment

    Will training really solve the problem? What, if anything else, needs to be done? Diane works with you to get to the heart of what is going on before you invest time and money in developing training.

    Diane works with clients throughout the entire San Francisco Bay area including Oakland, San Jose, Silicon Valley, Marin, and Sacramento.

  9. Training Evaluation

    Training Evaluation

    Diane brings a degree in finance and a deep understanding of business metrics to link training all the way through to business results so you prove the value you bring to your organization. And, if the training didn’t get the results you were hoping for, she’ll collaborate with you to come up with often easy-to-implement, cost-effective solutions.

    Diane works with clients throughout the entire San Francisco Bay area

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  10. Competency Design

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