Instructional Design Consulting

You’ve put your best people on it. Your superstars. They have poured every bit of knowledge (and love) they possess into creating training.

Yet, you still aren’t seeing the results you had hoped for.

  • Your team still isn’t productive enough to meet the demands of a growing business.
  • They are still making mistakes that cost you customers and sales.
  • Your hard-won customers are driving up support costs, or worse yet, switching to the competition because they can’t figure out how to best use your system, product, or service.
  • Your change initiative has stalled out.

Do you know what all of these challenges have in common? Addressing them is critical to the success of your team, department, division or company, not to mention your own peace of mind and sense of accomplishment.

Why take the long way around when I can show you the shortcut?

I help you uncover and correct the hidden issues in the training you have that is preventing it from being effective. And, I help you identify and fix undetected system and process disconnects to ensure your people are set up for success instead of stumbling into roadblocks.

Get there faster!

I work with clients throughout the entire San Francisco Bay area including Oakland, San Jose, Silicon Valley, Marin, and Sacramento.