Diane Valenti

Diane Valenti Head ShotHi, I’m Diane Valenti. I help companies who have employee training that is not working figure out what is going on and how to fix it so that they can meet goals that are critical to the success of their team, department, division, or organization. And, of course, I help organizations design and develop training that works in the first place.

One client saw their course pass rate soar from 25% to 80% after we found and fixed the hidden issues that were preventing their current training from being effective. In addition, we were able to reduce the training time from 20 weeks to 6. These results proved essential in their ability to secure their next round of funding.

I graduated with a degree in corporate finance. So, I learned how to speak the language of business early in my career.

When I got my Masters in Education & Human Development, it was natural for me to link training to achieving or supporting business results.

I love to learn. I am almost always reading the latest book on how to design and develop even more effective training. And, I love to teach. I enjoy helping my clients, especially those new to the industry, learn what I’ve learned about learning over the years.

I am based in San Francisco, the geographic center to be exact. I’ve hiked the Inca Trail twice and used to be a ski instructor.

Applied Performance Solutions, Inc. is a c-corporation. So, for you corporate folks out there, I pass the screening test very easily.

I write back to every personal email. Drop me a note to say hi at diane@instructionaldesignninja.com.