earphones-477446_640I have seen many e-learning courses in which the narrator reads word-for-word the text exactly as it appears on the screen. What is wrong with this?

The problem is that most people’s reading speed outstrips their speaking speed. So, trying to listen to the faster audio track while reading the text on the screen more slowly is a little like trying to read a book while holding a somewhat related conversation with your spouse – headache inducing!

Here are two ways to re-think what to do with an e-learning course that address this competition for attention.

  1. Reduce the text on the screen to bullet points and then use voice over to explain them.
  2. Replace the text on the screen with images, graphs, and info graphics as much as possible and then use voice over to explain them.

Both are exactly like listening to a speaker explain a series of slides during a live presentation.

You need to make sure that you provide a way for learners to download the complete transcript, though. This way you can make sure that they have a way to review any information they may have missed. And, you relieve them of the burden of taking copious notes to capture the details covered in the audio track.