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  1. Needs Assessment


    Needs Assessment

    My triage needs assessment process quickly gets to the heart of what is going on. I use a variety of methods from interviews to surveys to focus groups and work observation to help you determine what, if any, training is needed and what else will be necessary to achieve your goals.

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  2. Training Evaluation


    Training Evaluation

    When it comes to reaction, learning, behavior change, business results, and ROI, I’ve got you covered. With a degree in Finance, I understand business metrics and have the business acumen to link training all the way through to business results.

    And, if the training didn’t get the results you were hoping for, my evaluation process reveals what you need to do to remedy the situation.

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  3. Competency Design


    Competency Design

    My half-day process helps you identify job-specific competencies in a snap. Add another day and I can put together a rating scale that you can use to assess employee performance and development needs.

    I’ve done this for companies in industries as wide ranging as biopharmaceutical to retail to insurance, and even affordable housing.

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  4. Learning Strategy


    Learning Strategy

    Strategy is a plan to help you achieve your goals. Without the right learning strategy, you can end up with perfectly designed training (tactics) that don’t achieve the desired result.

    I can help you formulate a strategy that helps you get where you want to go. I’ll help you answer questions such as:

    • What else in addition to training needs to be addressed to get results?
    • What is
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  5. Why Content Isn’t Training

    BalletI love ballet. So much so that I take ballet class three to four times a week. Because I live in San Francisco, the school I attend is able to attract top-tier teachers. This means that I often find myself dancing side-by-side with principal ballerinas from San Francisco Ballet. This is a little like finding yourself singing with Lady Gaga or acting alongside Meryl Streep.

    Here’s the thing that I’ve … Read More

  6. 4 Simple Questions to Ask Execs to Plan Training for 2018

    PlanIf your company’s fiscal year-end is in synch with the calendar year, then you are probably starting the process of creating a talent development plan for next year. Hopefully, you’ve got meetings with key executives scheduled to find out what the business priorities are for the coming year so you can plan learning initiatives to support them.

    Executives are generally concerned with either solving business problems or achieving business goals. … Read More

  7. Is Better Than Nothing Good Enough? How to Design Effective Training When Your Budget Is Tight

    penniesI recently had a conversation with a prospect that rocked me back on my heels. He was looking for helping putting together product knowledge training for his sales team. As is often the case, serious budget constraints were in play.

    On the one hand, he had a lowball bid from a vendor he had worked with before. He knew this vendor would create a poorly designed page-turner e-learning course. But, … Read More

  8. What Does Work-Life Balance Mean to You?

    work-2005640_640I was driving down Market Street in San Francisco the other day when I spotted a young woman, clad in shorts and a tank top, riding her bicycle with her dog in tow. I winced. This practice of towing a dog alongside a moving bicycle always seemed cruel to me. Regardless of whether the dog is tired, sore, thirsty, hungry, out of breath, sick, or even injured, it has to … Read More

  9. How I Inadvertently Became Really Really Good at Work-Life Balance

    balance-154516_640“I had no choice,” I told my client, Beth. “I am not good at work-life balance because I wanted to be or because I somehow got lucky. I literally had no choice.”

    I’d called Beth to catch up after she’d been out of the office on medical leave for several months. We’d worked closely for many years on a variety of projects and I wanted to find out how she … Read More

  10. RIP Workplace Learning

    grave-2036220_640(1)I read this article, Fixing Workplace Learning – Inconvenient Truths, late Friday afternoon, and have been stewing about it all weekend. First and foremost, I completely agree with the author, Bill Sawyer: The workplace learning field, for the most part, lacks professionalism to an astonishing degree. And, from what I’ve seen, the quality of Instructional Design just keeps getting worse. We are mesmerized by the new; think mobile delivery,
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